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Tri-County YMCA

Wellness Programs

Personal Training
Our personal training program is a great way to add variety, education, guidance, and accountability to you and your workout regimen.  We will help you set goals, work toward them and achieve them!  Every package comes with a fitness assessment, personalized homework, and nutrition guidance.

Fitness Assessment: 
YMCA Member: $12.00
     Program Participant: $16.00

                                      *One-on-One Sessions: 
*Single Session:                                        
*4 Session Package:
     YMCA Member: $28.00                                 YMCA Member: $100.00
     Program Participant: $38.00                          Program Participant: $125.00

*8 Session Package:                                 *12 Session Package:
     YMCA Member: $185.00                                YMCA Member: $245.00
     Program Participant: $200.00                        Program Participant: $270.00

Buddy Package (2 people):
*2 Session Package:                                 *5 Session Package:
YMCA Member: $30.00/person                      YMCA Member: $65.00/person
     Program Participant: $45.00/person              Program Participant: $90.00/person

                                 *Group Training (3-6 people):
*4 Session Package:                                 *6 Session Package:
     YMCA Member: $40.00/person                       YMCA Member: $57.00/person
     Program Participant: $50.00/person               Program Participant: $72.00/person


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Group Exercise Classes

We have a variety of group exercise classes to help you achieve your fitness goals.  Come try a class today! 

YMCA Member:  Free 
Program Participant:  $5.00 per visit


The following two classes are:

YMCA Member:  Free 
Program Participant:  $3.00 per visit

Enhanced Fitness: A class designed for individuals age 55 and older.  It focuses on strength training, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and balance.  If you are ready to start your Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings off right, then head to the Huntingburg Event Center and join in on this great senior-focused class.

Morning Energizers (M.E.): A class designed for individuals age 55 and older.  This class combines a combination of cardio exercises, strength training with light weights, in addition to balance and flexibility exercises that leaves you feeling refreshed and energized at the end of each session.  Come ready to have fun and move to the beat of some great 'oldies' tunes.

The Y is committed to providing programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. No one will be denied access to YMCA programs or facilities due to an inability to pay.  Funds made available for financial assistance are provided through the generous giving of individuals and businesses to the YMCA's Annual Campaign.  IRS Form 990 Available For Inspection Upon Request.