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Summer Camp Code of Conduct 

The goal of our Summer Day Camp program is to provide an atmosphere for children to develop a variety of satisfying skills and relationships, while enjoying healthy activities.  The YMCA has 5 core values that we strive to model and teach to our children on a daily basis: caring, honesty, respect, responsibility, and faith.  The mission comes to life through the emphasis of these five character values.

Caring: It is important to use and care for equipment, toys, and games properly so that other children can enjoy them.  We will care for the property of the YMCA, of other children, and of the YMCA staff.

Caring Conversation and Language: Children will not be allowed to discuss inappropriate topics or contribute to demeaning conversations about other children or staff.  Children must refrain from using obscene language or gestures for any reason.

Honesty: To be open with the Y staff and to tell the truth at all times.

Respect: When asked to do or not to do something, a child needs to follow directions the first time given.  This is for the safety of all children.  Please speak to staff and other children with respect.

Responsibility: All children need to remain with their group and within site and sound of their staff.  This applies while we are on YMCA grounds, school sites, and on off-site field trips.  We want children to be safe at all times.  Children are responsible for all of their own belongings.

Faith: Confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, idea, or thing.

We want children to have fun and participate 100% of the time.  Positive attitudes make the Y experience fun and exciting for everyone.

All efforts will be made to guide children to appropriate behavior.  Respect for your child will be demonstrated at all times, and the same respect will be expected from your child for his/her peers and Y staff.  Children are made aware of the rules and expectations while in Y programs.  Redirection, suggestions from parents on what they have discovered works at home, as well as natural consequences may be used when appropriate.  When disciplinary action is necessary, age-appropriate methods will be implemented.  If the behavior is not corrected the following steps will be taken:

  • A communication form will be completed, and may require the signature of a parent/guardian
  • If the child continues to demonstrate the inappropriate behavior, he/she may be suspended for one day.
  • The next serious infraction will result in a three-day suspension.
  • If the behavior has not improved, the child may be removed from the program for its duration.

The Y reserves the right to bypass the steps listed above and terminate a child’s enrollment immediately if the child’s behavior poses a threat to the safety of himself or others.  The Y reserves the right to withdraw a child from the program for such things as, but not limited to, excessive disruptive behavior, emotional problems or disabilities that we are not equipped to handle, or that are a safety risk to themselves or others in the program.

Good behavior will be encouraged in a positive manner.  The staff will work cooperatively with parents, keeping them informed of behavior problems and methods used to teach and guide them toward socially acceptable behavior.

We will be using a behavior chart at each of our camp site locations.  Each camper will start with his/her clothespin on “Ready to Have Fun” each day. Throughout the day, campers will be asked to move their clothespins up or down on the chart according to their behavior. If a camper makes improved choices after moving his/her clip down, they will be given a chance to move their clip back up.  If campers move their clip to orange or red, we will have the child help fill out a note to the parents explaining why he/she had to move the clothespin down.

Pink - This level is reserved for extraordinary behavior, and will not be given out loosely. We want this to remain special; please don’t expect your child to reach this level daily.

Purple – Campers on purple continue to make excellent choices and have outstanding behavior.

Blue – Campers move their clip to blue for making good choices, trying their best, and showing good character. This is a good level to end the day on!

Green - This is an acceptable level to stay at. If campers end the day on this level they did not get in trouble, it just means they didn’t go “above and beyond.”

Yellow - Campers move to this level as a reminder that they need to follow the camp rules.

Orange – Campers move to orange if they continue to have a hard time making good choices. The counselor will choose a consequence such as: taking a time out, loss of recess time, loss of privilege; phone call home, whatever is logical for the misbehavior and meaningful to the camper.

Red – Campers who move their clothespins to red have continued to struggle with their behavior throughout the day. These campers will receive a Behavior Report and the incident will be shared with the Program Director and documented for future reference.

The Y is committed to providing programs that build a healthy spirit, mind and body for all. No one will be denied access to YMCA programs or facilities due to an inability to pay.  Funds made available for financial assistance are provided through the generous giving of individuals and businesses to the YMCA's Annual Campaign.  IRS Form 990 Available For Inspection Upon Request.